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Austin Engineering Company Ltd
(Rs. In Crores)
ParticularsMar 2019Mar 2018Mar 2017Mar 2016Mar 2015
Share Capital 3.483.483.483.483.48
Reserves & Surplus 49.8447.7749.0852.3353.54
Total Shareholders Funds53.3251.2552.5655.8157.02
Secured Loans
Unsecured Loans 6.796.054.974.343.38
Total Debt13.8111.1411.9312.9212.79
Total Liabilities67.1362.3964.4968.7369.81
Gross Block 43.6842.9142.8942.5941.74
Less: Accum. Depreciation33.4032.4131.5030.3929.51
Net Block10.2810.5011.3912.2012.23
Capital Work in Progress0.
Investments 0.240.370.370.410.41
Inventories 46.5047.3048.4451.4247.02
Sundry Debtors 21.3617.9019.0220.2724.74
Cash and Bank Balance 2.903.131.951.483.07
Loans and Advances 6.887.276.386.327.42
Total Current Assets77.6475.6075.7979.4982.25
Current Liabilities 19.8522.8721.9920.5121.51
Total Current Liabilities21.0324.0823.0623.3825.08
Net Current Assets56.6151.5252.7356.1157.17
Miscellaneous Expenses not w/o
Total Assets67.1362.3964.4968.7369.81
Contingent Liabilities 3.402.444.853.860.70
Source:Capital Market
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